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Random Products

Dry Instant, Tea, Coffee

PG Tips Original Tea 870 g

11.95 Inc. VAT

Fresh Vegetables

Okra 1 kg

7.95 Inc. VAT
6.65 Inc. VAT
1.55 Inc. VAT
5.15 Inc. VAT
11.95 Inc. VAT
9.95 Inc. VAT
6.95 Inc. VAT
9.95 Inc. VAT
7.95 Inc. VAT
6.95 Inc. VAT

Beans & Lentils

Laila Green Lentils 2 kg

6.95 Inc. VAT
22.95 Inc. VAT

Dry Instant, Tea, Coffee

Regal Kashmiri Pink Tea 150 g

4.95 Inc. VAT
4.95 Inc. VAT
1.25 Inc. VAT

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About Spicetown Online Grocery Store

Spicetown is an Online Grocery Store focusing on the
current needs of our busy day to day lives. Every family member is quite busy and never has enough time to go out and bring in groceries you want urgently at home. Maybe the grocery store that has your favorite products is further away and it would be easy to grab them from the closest pick-up point or get them delivered straight to your doorstep.

Not to mention the hassle of going through traffic jams, long queue at stores, and parking troubles while arranging a party or a special occasion celebration.

Spicetown has launched a solution for all your grocery needs. Spice Town offers an online grocery store for day to day shopping. We have more than thousands of products and over hundreds of brands in our catalog where you will find everything you need. Some of our products haven’t been added yet to the online shop, but we will keep adding more items all the time.

Our shop contains all different kinds of items, such as Rice, Pulses, Spices, Health & Beauty products, Hair Care products, Baby items, Personal care products and many more.

Choose from a wide range of options in every category, you will find the best quality available at a fair price. We are constantly expanding our item catalog and we bring new products to our customers from various producers. You can also find some recipes from our website: Recipes

Spicetown assures you excellent customer support for all your needs! Feel free to contact us for a great shopping experience. We serve also in Finnish.

Happy Shopping!

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