Dream Kids Instant Moisturizing Detangler 236 ml

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Dream Kids Instant Moisturizing Detangler 236 ml

For a lifetime of strong beautifully healthy hair start right with Olive Miracle Dream Kids. Our moisture-rich feather-light kids’ formula contains the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Herbal Extracts used for generations to help strengthen and protect hair.

Formulated exclusively for children’s delicate hair and scalp, our instant Moisturizing  Detangler helps restore natural oils while smoothing and silkening curls, waves and kinky-coils so combing is easier. Regular use helps to prevent breakage, split-ends, dryness by instantly out. So quick and easy, instantly improving the state of her hair, allowing your little Curlie to define, detangle and control frizz as desired.

Your gently daily protection to keep her hair strong and beautifully healthy looking. Excellent for all styles. Regular use helps:

  • Add Moisture to Detangle Tresses
  • Detangle to Reduce Breakage and Split Ends
  • Control Frizz, reduce Dry Hair.

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